HUBRINA means HUman-roBot co-woRking IN Agricultural master-slave systems. In this project Tyker Technology, Wageningen University Farm Technology Group and Wageningen University & Research Centre Applied Plant Research, cooperate to develop master-slave robot control for agricultural operations and to demonstrate its feasibility. The final objective of this project is to demonstrate that a human-driven master tractor and an autonomous slave tractor can together perform a task like stubble cultivation. This research is supported by the EU funded program ECHORD (European Clearing House for Open Robotics Development) and by tractor manufacturer CLAAS.

This video shows a master tractor following the master path on a field of Unifarm, the experimental farm of Wageningen University. The tractor followed the path in the field including a headland turn.

This video shows a simulation of the two tractors of the master-slave system. The master tractor follows the master path and the slave follows the slave path while controlling its distance to the master.